The Good Governance Board Service

Our goal is for 100 not-for-profit boards to receive the Good Governance Board Service.

Community Governance Aotearoa puts a call out for supporters to fund 100 not-for-profit boards

A reduction in access to longer-term funding is putting our not-for-profits under immense pressure, while the demand for services continue to grow. Our boards, primarily made up of volunteers who are often short on resources, time and capacity, need board services that support all-board accountability and commit to good governance practice.

“It’s no secret that the work of our not-for-profits are under resourced and underfunded. We often take on these roles because we believe in the kaupapa, but there are rarely any funds allocated for governance support or training” says Rose Hiha-Agnew, Tumu Whakarae, Community Governance Aotearoa (CGA).

Findings from a recent CGA event showed 25% of our audience were in roles with less than two years of governance experience under their belt, and 53% of that same audience had undertaken no governance training within the past 12 months. Reasons cited included not knowing what type of training they needed, being too busy, or it being too expensive.

“We believe more can be done to shift the inequality and often limited access to funding for governance support. Our goal is to seek support from those who make funding and investment decisions, rather than asking our grassroots not-for-profits to pay” says Rose Hiha-Agnew.

In 2024 Community Governance Aotearoa are expanding our offerings with the Good Governance Board Service package that will deliver all board governance services. This is an extension of the national action plan initiative “The Mentoring Service” and is part of the suite of governance programmes Community Governance Aotearoa offers.

Rose says, “our not-for-profits need longer-term assistance to explore challenges that their organisations are facing; they need more time to work on action plans to help refine their priorities whilst looking ahead to succession planning and future proofing their organisations. Our new offering meets their needs and is tailored for our community organisations”.

To support our 100 goal and to learn more  Good Governance Board Service. 

100 Not-for-Profits to receive the Good Governance Board Service
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