Why join a board?

You can make an impact, get involved in a cause you care about, and learn excellent leadership skills.

Joining a board has many benefits

Being of service to your community is a great reason to join a board. There are also huge personal benefits for those who sit on boards.


Across Aotearoa, ambitious and passionate people from all walks of life are taking a seat at the board table for the first time.

Provide service to your community

If you’re looking for a way to support an organisation that aligns with your values and impact change in your community, being at the board table is one of the most effective ways to do this.

Expand your network

Strong networks and connections are especially important in Aotearoa. Board roles provide you with an incredible opportunity to meet influential, intelligent, and well-connected individuals who, like you, bring with them their own valuable talents, passions, and areas of expertise.

Board members may be from various industries and roles within your local community who can give you the opportunity to meet potential mentors and observe thought leaders in action. These relationships are valuable when you’re ready to pursue the next step in your career. This also gives you the opportunity to share your own expertise with a group of people you might otherwise never have met.

Strengthen your professional skills

Being on a board will not only expand your network, it will also enable you to strengthen your professional skills and ideas, turning you into a better leader and strategic thinker.

Gain emotional intelligence

An important skill that will stay with you beyond the boardroom is your ability to collaborate with people from all sorts of backgrounds. A strong board will be evenly balanced with a good mix of ethnicity, age, gender, and experience.

With such a diverse group of people, you will:

  • quickly see things from a multitude of different points of view
  • learn to navigate conversations through different lenses
  • understand how to have your point of view be heard.

All of which are great qualities to have in your career, and in your personal life too.

Excel in leadership and project management roles

Serving on a board will strengthen your leadership skills. As a leader, you’ll be required to make decisions on behalf of your community. If you join a board, you’ll likely also join a committee. This gives you the opportunity to learn how to manage varied projects and teams so they can deliver for the organisation.

Increase your confidence

On a board, your voice will be heard and will have an impact. Confidence is increased through acquiring new knowledge. Through your work and connections with others, you’ll learn the right questions to ask in the boardroom and contribute to discussions with conviction.

Build your credibility and reputation

Showing your willingness to commit and contribute meaningfully to an organisation’s mission is an excellent way to build your credibility.

Committing yourself to a board role on top of your day-to-day role is an opportunity for you to show your board colleagues and other business leaders what you’re capable of. This will be beneficial if you’d like to pursue future board roles or employment opportunities.

As you deliver work and serve on your board, your reputation will increase and you’ll build your expertise in your field. You’ll become a leader and trusted advisor to those in the community.

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