The results are in – we all love community governance!

But how do we continue to do our best for our communities when funding and resources are so limited?

In 2023 we delivered two nationwide online events ‘I Love Community Governance’ and ‘I Love Community Governance Returns.’ These events were designed to deliver the National Action Plan’s ‘Governing for Good – social good campaign’, ensuring community governance is understood and valued.

Over 750 people registered for the two events combined. This was a great result with attendees coming from all across Aotearoa!

Our June event featured some heavy hitters in the governance scene, providing our audience with impactful presentations and extremely valuable insights. There were some great topics covered such as Te Tiriti and volunteering, along with governance in the health, social services, sport and arts sector.

Audience polls from the June event gave a clear indication that more governance training was needed, with 52% of participants having had no governance training at all within the past 12 months. We also saw a high turnover for not-for-profit boards as an issue with 69% having experienced at least some change by way of losing/gaining board members within the past year.

Based on the survey results we identified three topics that our communities were interested in exploring and created our second event held online in November 2023.

Our panel guests covered co-governance and co-chair models, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and rangatahi on boards. In our post-event survey, 80% of respondents stated that they would be discussing at least one of these topics with their own board as a result.

Some key statistics identified in the polls concerned funding challenges:

  • 56% cited funding as being the biggest challenge facing the sector.
  • 57% of our audience forecasted operations could last between the next 6-18 months.
  • Asked what actions boards might undertake 61% were ‘unsure’ or will continue as ‘status quo.’

Community Governance Aotearoa advocates for our for-purpose sector. We provide good governance training through resources, workshops, talks, thought leadership and programmes to fit our community needs.

If you need good governance resources check out out resource hub on our website; this is a search engine of governance policies, templates and articles.

Thanks to our supporters and sponsor Trust Management for helping us to bring these events to our community – free of cost to attend!

“I Love Community Governance” was a World Class event that recognised that this sector is of such great importance that World Class speakers and sessions were provided.”

“Those that have contributed to this mahi needs to be given credit.  The wealth of information needs to be made more accessible if the sector is to make a huge impact on the lives of those in our community.  Fakaue lahi.”

*Comments from our post-event surveys


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