Australia and New Zealand Partnership

A new partnership has been formed between Institute of Community Directors Australia and Community Governance Aotearoa that will see two countries come together to engage, educate, and inspire our governance communities, cities, and countries.

Community Governance Aotearoa Chief Executive – Tumu Whakarae Rose Hiha-Agnew values the exciting partnership and says, “I liken the collaboration to a sister organisation. Like a sister city, we welcome each other’s offerings, celebrate success, and learn from our challenges”.

A virtual panel will be held on Wednesday, May 24 with a focus on “Indigenous Governance Systems – lessons from Australia and New Zealand”. The online discussion will involve industry experts exploring the dual commonalities, lessons learnt and values and experiences across both countries.

Virtual panel guests include Hemi Rolleston (Scion General Manager Te Ao Māori and Science Services), Theresa Roigard (Te Ao Māori Trustee) alongside Brendan Kennedy Tati Tati and Wadi Wadi Traditional Owner from Australia and Vice Chair of Murray Lower Darling Rivers Indigenous Nations (MLDRIN).

Moderated by Rose Hiha-Agnew, Community Governance Aotearoa and Lachlan Pollock from Institute of Community Directors Australia.

Institute of Community Directors Australia are the leading organisation for Australian community members serving not-for-profits. 

Indigenous Governance Systems lessons from Australia and New Zealand
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